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My name is Nagihan Seymour, I am an artist specialising in ceramics as well as paintings.


Although originally a materials engineer, with a background in the automotive industry, I have been interested in art since my university years, studying and practicing traditional arts in my hometown of Istanbul.


After finishing my studies in Germany I relocated to the UK. I was lucky to have had my first solo exhibition for my paintings at the Lightbox Gallery in 2017, from that point I  have become a full time artist and have been building my business. It has been a constant whirlwind of shows and art fairs.


It was a birthday present from my husband for a one day ceramic course that piqued my interest and started the journey I am currently following into ceramics. The acquition of a Nabertherm kiln has ensured there is  no looking back as I am now able to produce and fire my own works.


For my ceramics I am drawn to the naturalistic patterns and symmetry of William Morris, as well as more contemporary ceramicists such as Grayson Perry.


Drawing inspiration for my own works from nature, one of the more challenging aspects is to simplify and stylise the infinite complexity of the natural world and apply that in my patterns and designs.


For me, ceramics have become a new passion that compliments my paintings. Having a materials science background allows me to appreciate and understand what is happening on the chemical level as well as artistically. This is allowing me to start to experiment with glazes using the raw minerals and chemicals to produce my own unique colours and effects.

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